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Principal's Welcome

Hello, thank you for visiting our website!

Welcome to Wellington Christian School!

It is my great pleasure to show you just a snapshot of who we are and to explain some of the reasons we believe Christian education is a wonderful option for families of the Wellington District.

Choosing a school for your family is a very important decision. Not only are you selecting the kind of education you want for your children, you are becoming part of a community. At Wellington Christian School we believe in partnering with parents in raising their children. We do that best when we work to support each other as a team. You will find that at Wellington Christian School that team also includes the other families who are such an integral part of who we are.

We have a warm and inclusive community and culture that operates in an atmosphere of honesty and trust. Our people are certainly our greatest asset and blessing. We really are a family.

We are a K-6 school, with a commitment to excellence in education and social, emotional, cultural and spiritual well-being. Under the guidance of a deeply committed, gifted and skilled teaching team, our students are nurtured and encouraged to dig deep in their thinking and learning.

At Wellington Christian School we believe in providing a quality Christian education that prepares our students for the 21st Century world they are growing up into. The foundational skills of literacy and numeracy are taught explicitly using evidence-based teaching methods. We also provide a learning environment that helps students to develop the higher order competencies of critical thinking, problem-solving, working collaboratively, expressing creatively, making connections, and communicating effectively.

The students at Wellington Christian School are valued as individuals. The staff are committed to deeply knowing the needs of the children in their care so that they can structure learning to allow everyone to grow. But more than that, you can be assured that your child will be known and valued for who they are. They will be seen, loved and supported, not only by their own teacher but by our whole community.

Authentic. Responsive. Transformational.
These three words underpin who we are and why we exist as a school. It is our belief that education should be authentic and true; should be targeted and responsive and should be ever encouraging and believing that transformation is possible.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your child’s education.

Mrs Jo Blatch

Our Vision

In partnership, to equip students with a distinctive and responsive education,
to be transformational with a heart for Christ.

Our Mission

Led by Christ, to provide a thorough and responsive education towards authentically developing people of faith, character and transformation.

And what does the Lord require of you? To seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.
Micah 6:8

Statement of Faith

The School’s  Statement of Faith  describes how we understand important Christian doctrines and beliefs.

Wellington Christian School - a much loved place of learning!

Established in 1982, our school is a K-6 co-educational family, located on a picturesque campus on the outskirts of the regional town of Wellington. We draw from the town and surrounding farming areas and exist as a place for families to belong and grow together

WCS is affiliated with Christian Education National (CEN), an Australia-wide network of independent Christian schools. Our school was established to provide an authentically Christian education alternative for families and continues to do so.

We believe that parents or primary care givers, usually know their children best and are vital in the education partnership. It is our desire to be authentic, responsive and transformational in the way we work with students, partner with parents and carers and play our part in the wider community.

In 2014 Dubbo Christian School, a large and well established P-12 school, 50km west, assumed operation of Wellington Christian School. A wonderful relationship has been established, with Year 6 students often beginning their high schooling at Dubbo Christian School. Daily buses run from Wellington to Dubbo.

We welcome enquiries from interested families or prospective staff.

Berakah Christian Education, Board and Association

Our school operates as a partnership; staff, parents and carers and supporters working together for the educational and spiritual benefit of our students. As such, Wellington Christian School is governed by a parent-controlled Association called Berakah Christian Education (BCE).

“Berakah” means “blessing” in Hebrew, which is what we aim to be in all we do. BCE is made up of active and committed Christian members of our school community, and oversees the governance of Dubbo Christian School, Wellington Christian School and Dubbo Christian Preschool. Members actively own the BCE Statement of Faith and BCE Educational Charter that Wellington Christian School aligns itself with, and helps the school maintain the standards as outlined in those documents.

Our Board is elected from Association members and is responsible for the vision, direction, governance and policy of the school. According to the Association Constitution, the Board’s objective is to pursue the following purposes:

1. To operate the schools providing Christ-centred, Bible-based education. Such operations are to be grounded in the principles outlined in the Statement of Faith and Educational Creed.

2. To promote Christian education through affiliation with any other organisations that promote our objectives.

As parents of the school community, the Board is available to discuss matters relating to the governance of the school.

The Board Chair can be contacted by e-mail at boardchair@dubbocs.edu.au.

Board Members

Andrew Boog

Shane Duke

Clifford Stephens

James Corfield

Jeff Neill

Rebecca Roennfeldt

Jillian Vippond


Wellington Christian School was started in 1982 by a group of committed Christian parents. These were passionate parents who wanted school to be a continuation of the principles and values that were taught at home.

A small group of parents met together in November 1981 to discuss starting a Christian School in Wellington. On the 3rd of March 1982, WCS started with just 24 students at the Anglican Church Hall. In 1984 the school moved into the first of its new buildings on the present site in Montefiores and continued to grow to be a K-10 school.

Since the beginning there has been a history of faithful leaders, staff and families, working towards a legacy of lives being shaped through education and the environment of a Christian school.

In 2014 Dubbo Christian School, a large and well-established P-12 school 50km west, took over management of Wellington Christian School. A wonderful relationship and partnership have been established and continues to be strengthened.

As part of the change, WCS is now a dynamic and rapidly growing, K-6 school, committed to the community it is part of.

As a school, we have been blessed by those who have gone before and hope to be a blessing to those who will follow.

Key Documents and Policies

Annual Report

It is a requirement of the NSW Educational and Standards Authority (NESA) that each non-government school should report annually to its own and the broader community, as well as to the State and Australian Governments under the requirements of the Schools Assistance Act (2004).

The Annual Report presented at the school Association’s Annual General Meeting provides an overview of the school’s activities, academics, and finances.

Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2023


The following policies are most relevant to prospective parents and staff.



Behaviour Management
Policy and Procedures

Code of Conduct (Staff)

Code of Conduct

Complaints Handling Policy

Commitment to
Child Safety





Handling Allegations
of Staff Misconduct

Support Policy


Privacy Standard
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Student Welfare

Managing Child Safety Incidents

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